Emd Serono Corporate Integrity Agreement

Our Chief Compliance Officer is responsible for the development, operation and control of the compliance program. Our Chief Compliance Officer is also chair of a compliance committee that advises the Compliance Officer and assists in the implementation of the compliance program. The Compliance Committee is made up of other executives, including the Chief Medical Officer, Senior Business Vice Presidents, General Counsel, Vice President of Human Resources and Regional Comptroller. Compliance can comply with all applicable laws under compliance.us@emdserono.com EMD Serono and expects all employees to do the same. No staff member may break the law on behalf of EMD Serono or order others. Overall, EMD Serono expects our employees to perform their duties with honesty and integrity. For more information, see www.emdserono.com. Our Code of Conduct demonstrates EMD Serono`s commitment to integrity, explains some of the key laws and guidelines applicable to EMD Serono`s business, and describes EMD Serono`s compliance program. EMD Serono, Inc. has implemented a comprehensive compliance program as a key element to fulfill its commitment to integrity. The mission of the EMD Serono compliance program is to settle this second case with Serono, the office of the inspector general has extended by three years the existing agreement on the integrity of Serono`s company and has demanded broader provisions, such as. (B) the obligation of business leaders and executives to take responsibility for ensuring compliance with federal law and monitoring compliance with federal law,” said Daniel R.

Levinson, Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). If we can change the cost and benefit calculations of some managers and executives, IGOs can influence business behaviour without compromising access to public health care. Under the agreement announced today, the colony`s revenues are distributed between the federal government and various states, with the United States receiving $34.6 million to resolve federal claims and states receiving $9.7 million to pay their respective Medicaid rights.