Gentlemen Agreement Pinamonti

Santo Lucchese, in my opinion, is Spalletti`s fault for selling pinamonti The report of the Rome-based news agency explains that Inter and Genoa could postpone the gentleman`s agreement until the summer of 2021 if no agreement is reached between the Bianconeri and Rossoblu. “We`re talking, they`ve reached an agreement with Genoa, but to find out more, you have to talk to the clubs. There is no definitive situation in football, everything changes every day. We are looking for the right solution,” he said after an interview with Inter to the media gathered. According to Repubblica, edition of Genoa “The indiscretions of Milan speak of a nerazzurri company that will impose the gentleman`s agreement, the option to take the player back to 20 million after he was paid by Genoa 18 million in June 2019. On the other hand, Pinamonti, which has a net salary of about one million and eight hundred thousand euros, which is not viable in the long term in the Rossobl coffers, would have remained under Maran`s orders, even in the event of non-withdrawal by Inter. Juve had followed him in recent weeks, and Inter had tried to re-discuss the contract using attractive players for Genoa.¬†Among the situations that need to be sketched at Inter is the one that refers to Andrea Pinamonti. The Nerazzurri sold it to Genoa last year and had a gentleman`s agreement to buy it back. Inter have a gentleman`s agreement with Genoa to bring back Pinamonti, which it sold last summer, and the management of the club De Nerazzurri plans to bring him back on a loan with derobsein base.

Inter sold Pinamonti to Genoa and, as part of the deal, they arrived at a gentleman`s agreement that allows them to sign it for a sum of 21 million euros in the upcoming transfer window. Genoa places the second shot. After the arrival of free agent Zapata, as reported by Sky Sports, it is made for Pinamonti of Inter. Cost of operation 18 million. The agreement provides for a gentleman`s agreement with Preziosi that would allow Inter to recover Pinamonti from the 2020-2021 season. This formula was adopted because there is no longer a right to “buy-back.”