Taylor Swift Spotify Agreement

Oh, really? Spotify the loser? Come on, I think it`s a god who was sent to bring in this horrible singer. In fact, she made us a world of favors that takes her songs out there, which only seem to be about the guys she slept with. Although she may be the highest paid musician in the United States, losing her Spotify catalogue will leave room only for other future and more talented musicians. In my opinion, Spotify works like a radio station, it promotes music, while you have to listen to ads sponsoring the radio station. Even though Spotify paid its copyright without Spotify, I think small children who can`t afford to buy their songs wouldn`t have access to it. So spotify does you and yours a favour by paying royalties and encouraging their music. The biggest loser? Yours. What are the lessons of these two disputes? First of all, it`s the power that counts and your level of performance depends on your BATNA or the best alternative to a negotiated agreement. Taylor Swift was able to turn her back on negotiations with Spotify because she didn`t lack other negotiating partners who wanted to work with her. Hachette, meanwhile, has done business with Amazon, by far the biggest game in town.

Dispute resolution remains a necessity. In an interview with Vanity Fair, she quickly exposed the crucial differences between her two big streaming feuds: she was also criticized by former One Direction member Zayn Malik, which resulted in a really funny and difficult Twitter spa between Malik and the then-friend, DJ and producer, Calvin Harris, of Swift. Malik and Swift did a duet for the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack, so I think everyone is on top. . The rise of streaming via Spotify, Apple and Amazon has put a music industry that once plunged into impolite health by falling CD sales. This transformation was taken over by Swift, who led the battle of artists to get a better share of revenues in the era of the digital giants. And the deal allows Swift, an enterprising company, to leave the company that, since its 14th son, Big Machine Records in Nashville, is his musical home, to remove lucrative conditions from the competition to register it. And a day after telling her fans to vote, Swift opened the American Music Awards with a sharp reading of “I Did Something Bad,” a song that almost definitively talks about Swift`s feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The subtext of the performance was clear: “You supported the wrong horse in this fight, America.” Taylor Swift may have lied in public, but she`s not about to go on TMZ and talk about how much she loves Donald Trump. Instead, she suggests that she will support some Democrats and fight for the little guy.

Mulligan says the streaming figures are huge, but the economic benefits for artists are harder to predict. Gross fees are only one cent or a penny per stream, and all kinds of discounts are then for record companies, rights organizations, etc., before an artist receives something. By signing her new global agreement with Universal Music Group, Taylor Swift has used her considerable influence to secure a victory for all UMG artists. Taylor Swift further enhanced her image as a lifeguard of underpaid artists last week, when the Universal Music Group (UMG) confirmed that, as part of its new record deal, it would share with its musicians the proceeds of the $1 billion share sold in Spotify. Celebrate with us on December 20th on @AppleMusic #1989WorldTourLIVE pic.twitter.com/oksxT1q6pM. Did she win anything from Spotify? Maybe. Universal Music Group, the parent company of Swift`s Big Machine Records, signed a new contract in April that allows artists to move new albums away from Spotify`s free quota for the first two weeks.