Author Agreement Neurocomputing

The requirement to manage the entire communication between the journal and all co-authors during submission and correction may be delegated to a contact or author filing. In this case, make sure that the corresponding author is clearly indicated in the manuscript. 5. An application for revocation that does not follow the above procedure is considered invalid. If an illegal deposit, such. B a plagiarized or double deposit, is found for a newspaper, the removal of the document will never be allowed and the authors will be punished under the rule. For Gold Open Access articles: after the adoption of an article, authors are invited to complete an “exclusive licensing agreement” (more information). The authorized reuse of open access gold items by third parties is determined by the author`s choice of user license. Neurocomputing publishes articles describing recent grassroots contributions in the field of neurocomputing. Neurocomputing Theory, practice and applications are the essential topics that are addressed. (a) Paper number (b) Title (c) Author`s name (d) Reasons why the document must be removed (e) The date and signatures of all authors (or signature of the contact author) 1.7 Ethical considerations in research involving human participants The author should obtain the approval of the ethics committee or the corresponding organization within the author`s institution for research relating to the life or organism of the participants. However, if the group of authors is made up of several institutions, it is sufficient to obtain the authorization of at least one of the institutions. Publishers reserve the right to refuse manuscripts that do not comply with the above guidelines.

The author is responsible for misrepresentation or non-compliance with the above guidelines. The Journal and the publisher believe that all authors have agreed on the content and that all have expressly agreed to submit and that they have obtained the agreement of the competent authorities of the Institute or the Organization where the work was carried out before the work was submitted. Vitae Enter a short biography (maximum 100 words) of each author with a passport photo that accompanies the other characters. Please enter the biography in an editable format (z.B Word) and not in PDF format. 3. The transaction editor decides whether payment is authorized or not. The IEICE Publishing Office sends the editor`s decision to the authors. If the authors do not receive a response from the publishing house IEICE, they must send a request for revocation to the office.