Nasa Open Source Agreement 1.3

The publication of open source software is part of the Agency`s functions outlined in the National Aeronautics and Space Act to “ensure that information about its activities and results is disseminated as widely and appropriately as possible.” [4] D. Full Serage: This Agreement is the parties` understanding and approval of the publication of Subject Software and cannot be replaced, amended or amended unless the parties have entered into another written agreement. Contact: Name: Stuart Pendleton Tel.:( 757) 864-2943 G. Each contributor assures that its amendment is considered the original creation of the contributor and does not violate existing agreements, regulations, statutes or rules, and in addition, the contributor has sufficient rights to grant the rights conferred by this Agreement. “contribution,” any work of authorship, including the original version of the work and any modification or addition of that work or derivative work that is deliberately submitted to the licensee for inclusion in the work by the copyright holder or by a natural or legal person authorized to file on behalf of the copyright holder. For the purposes of this definition, “transmitting” is any form of electronic communication, orally sent to the licensee or its representatives, including, but not limited, to communications on electronic mailing lists, source code management systems and problem tracking systems managed by the licensee or on behalf of the licensee for discussion or improvement of the work, but without notification, which is classified as “non-contributory” by the copyright holder or otherwise. Government Authority: National Aeronautics and Space Administration Government Agency Original Software Designation: LAR-18067-1 Government Agency Original Software Title: CertWare Safety Case Workbench Software (excluding libraries, version 2.0 or (2) for education and research for non-commercial use is requested. Please email Government Agency Point of Contact for Original Software: Registration/Technical-Kurt Woodham, NASA LANGLEY RESEARCH CENTRE, (757) 864-6067,; Agreement-Stuart Pendleton, NASA Langley Research Center, (757) 864-2943, Registration/Technical Point of Contact: Name:Kurt Woodham Phone:(757) 864-6067 NOSA 1.3 has been licensed by the Open Source Initiative (OSI) as an open source license. [6] However, the Free Software Foundation raises the following clause: 1. When a recipient distributes or disseminates the software about it, each copy of that agreement must appear in each copy of the subject software; and two.

When the recipient markets or disseminates the software about it in a form other than the source code, the recipient must also make the source code freely available and provide any copy of the software subjecting information on how to obtain the source code in an appropriate manner on or via a medium usually used for software exchange.