The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement Adalah

TrackBack`s URI says: The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement is an urban legend in the world where it is said that US President John F. Kennedy struck a secret deal with Indonesian President Sukarno on November 14, 1963 in Geneva. The agreement states that Sukarno told the United States States.It 57,000 tons of gold that the treaty led to Kennedy`s assassination on November 22, 1963, and Sukarno`s fall from the presidency by a CIA network that used Suharto`s ambitions. [1] – An argument by Karno worth 57,000 tons of gold, as Harta Amanah Soekarnos says, will accuse the imagination pure and simple. Safari says it does not have the original documents of the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement or the debt relief agreement. This agreement is one of the treasures of the Indonesian people and the Indonesian nation, this agreement is also considered by the people as the eternal treasure of humanity. Can you imagine that 57,000 tons of gold have broken? Another curiosity is that the agreement distinguishes the presidential stamp of the United States from the official stamp, that the garuda bird logo is different from the official stamp and what is the result of the harvest, the signature of Sukarno, which has differences in writing and spelling with official signatures, as well as the presence of Sukarno, who is most likely still in Jakarta at the time of the agreement. Second, the United States never mentioned the Green Hilton Memorial Agreement. The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement is a contract that fascinates the world. The treaty would have led to the assassination of US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) on November 22, 1963.

In 1963, Sukarno cancelled the treaty and transferred gold management rights to the United States. President John F. Kennedi (JFK). JFK welcomed this and recalled that at that time, the United States went into massive debt after being involved in the world war. The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement was an agreement between America, represented by John F. Kennedy, and Indonesia, represented by Sukarno, and a representative of Switzerland William Vouker. In the agreement, the United States agreed to recognize that Indonesia`s gold wealth amounted to 57,000 tons of gold. After his death, the Jewish banking cartel transferred the gold guarantees under the supervision of the Office of International Treasury Control (ILOC) to the central bank`s global accounts, and then the deal until Sukarno`s fall was challenged by the new CIA-dominated order movement and the appointment of Suohart as the new president of the Republic of Indonesia. It is also because of this agreement that it would have led to the fall of Indonesian President Karno from the president, after the infiltration of other CIA networks in Indonesia.

With Suharto`s ideals, it was a contract that has remained until today the greatest secret in the history of the world. Under this agreement, almost all Indonesian presidents are too busy not to have time to check and pursue it. Perjanjian Memorial Green Hilton adalah sebuah legenda urban di dunia dimana dikatakan bahwa Presiden Serikat John F. . . .